Searching for Benjamin SINGER, Phila. PA #general

Albert Singer <al2chris@...>

I am looking for a suggestion as to where to turn next. My GF
Benjamin SINGER lived in Phila. PA untill 1897. According to
our records he lived at 604 N. Gilbert St,, was a barber and
(according to cemetary records)died on 6/22/1897. He was married
in Phila. in 1893 and said at that time he was >from Russia.
The cematary at Gladwyne has a record of his burial on 6/22/97.
When I asked the Phila, archives for a death certificate they
sent me one for Bemjamin SINGER who died on April12,1897 and
who lived at 604 Guilford St. This man was 33 when he died.,
my gf was 30 years old.also this man has a birthplace of
Germany on his death certificate. When I went back to the
archives they said they had no record of a benjamin singer
that died in June in either 1896.97 or 98
its all very confusing Help

al singer
schenectady ny

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