*History of the Jews in America* by Wiernik(1912) On-Line! #general

richard may

Dear community,

A popular commercial site for tracing one's ancestry
now has a searchable database of *History of the Jews
in America* on-line! Please see outline below:

History of the Jews in America

About this book

Source: History of the Jews in America : >from the
period of the discovery of the New World to the
present time. Wiernik, Peter,. New York. Jewish Press
Pub. Co.. 1912.

Notes: Includes bibliographical references and

Subjects: Jews -- United States.
Jews -- Canada.
Jews -- South America.
Jews -- History -- 70-
United States
South America

Table of Contents

Front matter
Title page
Part I. The Spanish and Portuguese period
Part II. The Dutch and English Colonial period
Part III. The Revolution and period of expansion
Part IV. The second or German period of immigration
Part V. The Civil War and the formative period
Part VI. The third or Russian period of immigration
Part VII. The twentieth century. Present conditions

I have no connection with this site and do not even
have access to the database at present.

Hope that this may be of interest to someone!

Richard May
Buffalo, New York, U.S.A.

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