Shanghai's Lost Jewish Memories #general


Hello Genners,

In an attempt to assist an acquaintance of ours in his decades-long search
for his father's grave-site and tombstone, I came across a great web-site,
and subsequently spoke to the guy who created it. But first, a little
background info.

Marvin Katz, who had passed away in April, 1942, was documented as buried at
the Point Road cemetery in Shanghai. Several decades later, his son, Mr.
Chaim Katz, currently residing in Los Angeles, California, chanced upon a
clipping of the German newspaper "AUFBAU", in which it was reported that the
cemetery had been relocated to an undisclosed location by order of the
Chinese Gov't. All his efforts at finding out further developments were
futile. In hte course of his search, he was referred to a recent project
created by a Mr. Dvir Bar Gil to unearth the lost Jewish headstones and
gravesites of Shanghai. Eventually, he created a web-site with the names of
the tombstones he had managed to locate. Unfortunately

I recently spoke to Dvir, an Israeli residing in Shanghai, and he mentioned
that in spite of the web-site, he hasn't received much of a response. Of
course, I immediately thought of you guys. I suggest that you take a look at
the impressive site. There is a brief movie showing some individual removing
the stones, photos of each tombstone discovered cor easy viewing by
searching by family name, as well as other pertinent info on the entire

So those of you whose genealogical leads have led you to China, or know of
others who have some connection there and are looking for additional info,
this might be of help. Personally, I think it's a veritable gold mine for
those whose genealogical searches include Shanghai. Unfortunately, I have
been unable to determine the accuracy of the location of Marvin Katz's
tombstone; there is a photo of a Katz tombstone, but it is barely legible,
making it impossible to determine the rest of the information. Perhaps by
using some of the methods we at the HFPJC use to clarify the texts of the
tombstones we restore, some more info can be gleaned.

You can aso contact Mr. Bar Gil at info@... for
additional information.

Good luck , and thanks!

Toby Mendlowitz
Assistant Director
Brooklyn, NY 11211
E-mail: hfpjc@...

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