Addendum re my Smolensk response #general


I want to add my Aug.11, 04 response to Alexandra Alzanuer's Aug. 9,04
inquiry about Smolensk Jews some information I found today when it belatedly
occurred to me to have another look at a fascinating book by Harold Fredric,
"The New Exodus:A Study of Israel in Russia." ( My copy is a 1979 reprint of the
first edition which was published in 1892. When the New York Times reviewed it in
1891, the review was entitled "An Indictment of Russia.") Frederic was born
to Presbyterian parents in New York State, but became a religious skeptic and
became a journalist, living as an expatriate in England and working as
correspondent for the New York Times. He wrote "The New Exodus" after gathering
material during an extended and difficult journey throughou Russia and its Pale.

In "The New Exodus" Frederic shows a great deal of perspecacity about what
we would call the "mindset" of Russians and their rulers. He is inordinately
understanding of the predicament of the Jews. While discussing the haphazard
and usually arbitrary enforcement of the infamous May Laws by Russia's
governors, and their application of the term "artisans" Frederic writes, that the
Governor of Smolensk deemed that bakers, butchers, glaziers and vinegar makers
were not artisans, who had a right to live in Smolensk, and so he expelled all
those Jews who fell into his categories, even though they had lived in Smolensk
for years without any previous doubt as to their legal status. When the vinegar
makers appealed to the Senate, it was decided that they were indeed artisans,
and therefor not subject to expulsion. However, the local guild of vinegar
makers maintained that the Jews were not artisans so they were expelled along
with the rest of the recently declared non-artisans!


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