LITSKY, FRIEDLANDER, SPLAVER of Connecticut, Anyksciai #general

Mindie Kaplan <rayvenna@...>

Does anyone have any information on this family?

Mary ELBIN (born abt 1899 in Newark, New Jersy to Frank ELBIN and Sarah FINGER
both of Russia) married Abraham D. LITSKY (b. June 23, 1892 in Russia to David
LITSKY and Pauline BERMAN or BAERMOERN both of Russia) in 1923 in Waterbury,

Abraham D. LITSKY and Mary ELBIN had a son Franklyn Lloyd LITSKY.

Franklyn Lloyd married Arlene FRIEDLANDER (daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William
FRIEDLANDER) in Connecticut on July 31, 1955.

Other information:
Bernard SPLAVER was a cousin of Abraham LITSKY.
Heather FRIEDLANDER is a sister of Arlene FRIEDLANDER.
Honore HILLBURG is a cousin of Arlene FRIEDLANDER.
Robert H. GRUSKAY is a cousin of Franklyn Lloyd LITSKY.

Sarah Elbin was living with her daughter Sally in Waterbury, CT for the 1930
David and Pauline LITSKY were living in New Haven, CT for the 1910 and 1930

Franklyn Lloyd LITSKY graduated >from the University of Connecticut.
Arelene FRIEDLANDER was attending Hunter College in NYC. She was a senior in

Specifically, I am trying to figure out the exact connection between Abraham
LITSKY and Bernard SPLAVER, but any information on this family would be GREATLY


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