Looking for Warsaw Obituaries or DC 1896 to 1904 #general

Robert Zavos <rzavos@...>

After traveling to the Warsaw Jewish Cemetery in May 2004 I obtained
tombstone information for 3 possible ancestors: Chaim ZAWOZNIK (d. 1904),
Izak Zawoznik (d 1896), Abraham Zawoznik (d. 1897) I know my Grandfather,
Alter Moshe Zawoznik, two sisters, and several cousins were >from Suwalki but
perhaps their parents were >from Warsaw since these 3 given names match other
records. I would especially like to find an obituary (secular or Jewish)that
lists their survivors or perhaps a Death Certificate. Any ideas on how I
can proceed? Are there any Warsaw newpaper archives exisiting today that
might have the obituaries? For the Death Certificates should I try the
Polish State Archives in Warsaw?

Thank you for any guidance.

Robert Zavos
Pittsburgh PA

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