BOF JGFF FTJP Interface #belarus

Edna Hoover

It seems like the BOF messages are distorting the tone, purpose & content
of the SIG newsletters. Since there are already 2 mechanisms in place on
the JewishGen website for locating researchers with common interests, why
can't that data be used to form the BOF groups? Or, why not create another
web page for BOF Registry, instead of using this valuable newsletter space?

JGFF Researcher # 66736 For:

BENDET-HALEVI Brisk-Belarus; HAIMSOHN Mogilev-Belarus; ZOLOBRINKI Slonim,
Zhet'l/ Dyatlovo-Belarus; MINKOVSKY Slonim, Shereshevo, Pinsk Karlin,
Minsk-Belarus; MAKHNES/MEKHNES/MIKHNES Shereshevo,Belarus; RIVLIN Shklov,
Belarus; RASHKES Shklov-Belarus; SHIK Kleck, Minsk-Belarus; BOLOTNIKOFF

HALEVI-ROHALD Safed, Jerusalem-Palestine; ORENSHTAYN Safed, Jerusalem,
Hadera-Palestine; HAIMSOHN Hebron, Jerusalem-Palestine; LATTERHAUS
Jerusalem-Palestine BOLOTNIKOFF Palestine

BAUMGARTEN Leczyca-Lodz Area, Poland; FRANKENTAL Leczyca-Lodz Area, Poland
KOENIG Leczyca-Lodz Area, Poland; IZBICKI/ IZBUTSKY Leczyca-Lodz Area,
Poland; HAMBURGER Leczyca-Lodz Area, Poland

LOSZYK/ LORSHICK Dubno, Volhynia-Ukraine; LATAVITZ Nikolaev-Ukraine

LATTERHAUS OlaszLiszko-Hungary

OFFEN Mielec, Rzeszow/Krakow Area-Galicia; MAURER Mielec, Rzeszow/Krakow

NOWENSZTERN Warsaw Area, Poland
STEIN Poltusk, Poland

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