GEISLER family at Congregation Ahabath Israel in Brooklyn #general

Ari Itzkowitz <arii@...>

I have letters (in Yiddish) >from a relative named Rev. Samuel GEISLER. The
address is Congregation Ahabath Israel, 722 Quincy Street, Brooklyn,
N.Y. Sam GEISLER is titled "Fin. Sec.". The letters are dated 1942 and
were sent to London, UK. How can I determine what has happened to this
synagogue and its records? Alternatively, I am interested in finding the
family of Samuel GEISLER. The only other records I have found are the
Ellis Island entry (May 4, 1921) for his wife and child Fani (b. 1892) &
Leizer (b. 1914) GEISLER. I have had no success in discovering them in the
1930 census.

Any ideas? Thank you!

Ari Itzkowitz
Modiin, Israel

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