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Occasionally, according to Beider,
Avigdor was a kinnuy for Moshe (Moses).
I don't know if Beider mentions the reason for this kinnuy:
according to the Bible, the original Moshe was given that name by
Pharaoh's daughter. But logically his parents must have already given
him a name, which the Bible neglects to mention. According to midrash,
he had seven (or in other versions 10) such names, and one of them
was Avigdor. See e.g.
Robert Israel
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Where do you find any of this, in the Bible or in the Encyclopedia? The
explanation you give, if true, is certainly not off-topic, for it would bear
on name tracing in recent generations, for example. But I don't see it in
either Breshit or the article to which you refer. It would be well, when
basing an argument on "the Bible" to give a reference to chapter and verse,
so that other users can verify it and make use of the information. I, for
one, would be very interested in knowing the basis for a connection between
"Moshe" and "Avigdor".

If you meant actually to refer to midrashim, it is hard to take them
seriously as unsupported statements of what name or names Moshe was called
by. One has to distinguish between exegetic Talmudic explanations and
Biblical ones coming out of an attempt to record "history" as it was
perceived in pre-dispersion Israel.

"Moshe" is an Egyptian name, not Hebrew (please direct challenges to that
statement to me personally, rather than to the group, because this IS
off-topic), and is a very common Egyptian nickname/abbreviation, so it may
very well be that he had been given another name by his parents. But perhaps
not: if the fanciful Biblical tale contains any truth, since he was still
small enough to be passive (or tied down) in a floating basket. And there
are plenty of other Egyptian names masquerading as Hebrew.

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