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Dear friends,
In February, 1976, I was in Toronto to give a paper at the International
Studies Association. While waiting for a bus on Bathurst Street, an elderly
woman (probably younger than I am now) asked me in Yiddish about buses. I
responded in Yiddish that I was a stranger there myself. We got to talking,
and, as is common, asked each other where we came from. She wanted to know
how I had learned Yiddish. When I told her that my father was from
Lukashifke she told me that her mother was >from there and that she had lived
in a village, Kluke, near there. Until her bus came we managed to get some
details of her family and I wrote them down on the cover of my ISA program
book. I made a note to get in touch with her, but events conspired against
us. I was in the midst of correcting my dissertation, then took a six week
break in Europe and Israel, and when I returned home there were many family
I have been rummaging among my papers and photos, hurredly packed before I
made aliya in 1995, and came across the book where I had jotted down what
she told me.

Her name was Ratsie daughter of Doba and Ya'akov GROSSMAN >from Bikov (?)
near Tetiev. She married her cousin, Ben Tsion WORTZMAN, a khazn, and moved
to Tetiev. She mentioned names: Feyge TENER >from Tetiev who had married the
son of Avigdor. She also mentioned Velvl "der khalfn" (money changer) and
Shalom Tener and Yidl Tener. She also mentioned Yona TETIEVSKY, who may
have been related to my maternal grandmother, and Lazar ZABAKH from
Tarashcha. She said she was related to Levi SHKOLNIK (ESHKOL) who was also
distantly related to my father.

Her name was Mrs. R. WORTZMAN, XX Forest Ridge Road, Toronto Ont.

As you can see, we really got quite chummy. Of course, after all these
years, I may have made some errors in my jottings.

If any of these names sound familiar, I would love to correspond with you.
Ida Selavan Schwarcz
Arad, Israel

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