BOF Submission #belarus

Shana Egan <segan@...>

I just returned >from the Conference and an extended vacation. I hope it is
not too late to submit my BOF names and locations.

RITZENBERG Kobrin Kobrin Grodno
RITZENBERG Kamenets Brest Grodno
RITZENBERG Brest Brest Grodno
RITZENBERG Bialystok? Bialystok Grodno
RITZENBERG Divin Kobrin Grodno
KAPLAN Kobrin Kobrin Grodno
KAPLAN Kamenets Brest Grodno
KAPLAN Brest Brest Grodno
KAPLAN Bailystok? Bialystok Grodno
DAITCH Kobrin Kobrin Grodno
DAITCH Brest Brest Grodno
DAITCH Drogichin? Grodno
MESHIN Kobrin Kobrin Grodno
THAMSE Kobrin Kobrin Grodno
THAMSE Brest Brest Grodno
Shana Egan

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