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Finding a grave in Israel can be a bureaucratic nightmare. My grandson is
trying to find the grave of his paternal great-great-grandfather who died in
1952. Death certificates give place of death, but not place buried. No one
in the immediate family seems to know, since there was some quarreling in
the distant past. One person said Gedera. The man in charge of the Gedera
cemetery told us that the books were a mess and some information totally
lacking when he took over a few years ago. It was impossible to get through
to the hevra kadisha of neighboring towns. Since my grandson is a persistent
sabra, we hope that he will finally find the grave!

Dr. Joseph M. Schwarcz
Dr. Ida Selavan Schwarcz
Arad, Israel

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Regarding finding of a grave in Israel, I would contact the Chevrah
Kedushah in Jerusalem who may be able to help. I have a telephone number
for them but I'm not sure of the prefix. The number is 972-2-538-4144.
There is also available a burial record for everyone buried on the Mount
of Olives >from 1760-1906. This is probably not a good source for you
since your relative died after that date.

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