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Dan Goodman <dsgood@...> (Joan Parker) wrote in

Oh what a funny memory this brought back. When my husband and I
bought our house in 1949 the "New Mode" trend was brick walls and open
wood beams ceilings. Very chic at that time.

When my mother-in-law came to see it for the first time right after we
moved in (and we were the first owners as the house was being built in
the new sub-division) she walked around, looked and looked and then
called me aside.

"Joanie," she quietly asked...."did the builders run out of money?"
When I asked why she thought that, she explained that that was how the
houses of the poor people in Russia were built....brick walls and
beamed ceilings.
And the kind of bread poor people in Russia ate is now expensive and hard
to find. My mother's father called Russian pumpernickel "soldier bread"
because soldiers would gladly trade it for just about anything else.

Dan Goodman

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