ViewMAte: Please Identify this very old piece of Judaica recently found in G'dansk, Poland: It has now been returned to a Jewish home #general

Donna Rice

On a recent European trip , I went to a large open market in G'dansk,
Poland. I purchased what I am calling an antique Traveling Chanukah Oil
Lamp. ( posted on Viewmate as a Traveling Menorah Box ) It appears to be
very old and though sold to me as silver, I purchased it for what it was and
not what it was made of. I still have not had time to take it to someone to
find the correct metal content. I have uploaded 5 images to Viewmate and
hope you will all take a moment to look at them. The 5 links are listed
below. Any thoughts or information on this special piece of Judaica would
be sincerely appreciated.
The most important part concerning this old lamp is that it sits, once
again, in a Jewish home where it will be given the reverence it deserves.
Please email me directly at
(Please Do Not Respond to the list, news group or the SIG. This is a
request >from the SIG and List Moderators)

I have already received translations for Viewmate # 4620, so that question
has been answered. Thanks to everyone who was kind enough to translate the
Hebrew. The consensus seems to be "Lhadlik Neer Chanukah, which means to
light Chanukah candles or lamp.

Thanks again,
Donna Rice

*ViewMate Files*

Traveling Menorah Box (Chanukah Oil Lamp)

Traveling Menorah Box (Chanukah Oil Lamp)

Traveling Menorah Box (Chanukah Oil Lamp)
with Menorah "arms" Open

Traveling Menorah Box (Chanukah Oil Lamp):
Hebrew Inscription on front of Menorah

Traveling Menorah Box( Chanukah Oil Lamp)
Top of Box with Maker's Marks (note: each part of the Box and Chanukia is
stamped with the same maker's marks)

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