ZOLLER (ZOLLI), Israel 1881-1956 #general

katie sobol <katie2727@...>

Dear Fellow Genners:

Has anyone ever heard of Chief Rabbi Israel (Zolli) ZOLLER of Rome, born in
Brody, Galicia 1881-1956? I was researching Brody, Galicia on Google, and
found this site:

I am interested in knowing more about his background, and who his parents or
siblings were.

I have been trying to find information on my maternal grandfather, who was
also a ZOLLER, born in 1879 in Brody, Galicia. Any help will be greatly

Katie Sobol
researcher #9386
researching: ZOLLER, BRAUNSTEIN, MESSINGER (Brody, Galicia, Poland, Austria,
now Ukraine.

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