Re: Dutch Ashkenazi Ethos #general

Ury Link

Dear Genners,
Aubrey Jacobus wright:

>>I have a 100% Polish ancestry : 50 years ago I married into a family with
a 75% Dutch ancestry to some mild eyebrow raising on both sides :
One of the more striking differences I observed in the ethos of both groups
was in the area of " Covert " ( respect ) :
In the Dutch families there was the supreme importance attached to
" Covert " - e.g . to be left out of an invitation to a stone setting by
some remote acquaintance was regarded as an unforgivable insult.
Was this exceptional ? or typical>>>

First I guess that you mean the Yiddish word "Kowed" in stead
of "Covert". Kowed mean Respect ,honour and get out >from the Hebrew word

I don't think that Ashkenazi Jews in Holland are more of less sensitive
then in other Jewish communities. It happened in every family that you
find a person hoe is insulated because he don't was invited to a
celebration or he don't get a invitation to a stone setting ect....
by some people it is unforgivable and some people don't care like I do.
Take it easy !!

Best regards
Ury Link

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