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Does anyone know anything about Alien Registration Cards and how to
them? After a lot of research and failures trying to obtain my
grandfather's naturalization papers, I am beginning to wonder if he
never naturalized. I thought maybe it was a law that you had to be
naturalized, but others have told me about ancestors who merely kept
filing these alien registration cards and stayed in the USA for 50,
60, 70 years.
I was once told that 25% of the people who immigrated to the US
never naturalized, but that was counting everyone. I suspect Jews
were more likely too, because they were more afraid of being deported.
Naturalization numbers when up during European wars, because people
were afraid that they would be deported, or their governments would
want them back to fight.

My great-grandfather immigrated >from Russia in the late 1880s, but
a woman who was a U.S. citizen - - would that provide him with legal
No: his wife would have become a non-citizen. Seriously! In the
1800s a woman who was a US citizen lost their citizenship if they
married a man who was not. Up until 1922, if memory serves, or
maybe the cut off was 1906: I don't have the paper work right
in front of me.

If anyone know how to track down these old Alien Registration Cards,
let me know. Thanks!
NARA once sent me the federal paper work to get these. (I had
asked about someone who was an alien during WWII, and that is when
aliens had to register). Maybe WWI, too, but I'm pretty sure that
1942 was the magic year for alien registration.

If it matters, I can dig up the paperwork.

Joshua Levy

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