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A question for our Ontario and Quebec experts:
I met with a cousin in New York last week concerning the
mystery of the arrival records of my great-grandfather
Aron TALALAY-TALALAI-TALALAJ, of Vorotinschtina (Zaverezhye),
an agricultural colony south-southwest of Mogilev, Belarus.
He was born there in 1876. According to family history, he spent
6 weeks in the UK before arriving in Canada sometime in late
summer 1905, spent about 6 weeks (over the Jewish holidays)
in Canada and then took the train to New York on 31 October,
arriving 1 November (info >from petition for US naturalization).
He was joined by his wife Riva BANK TALALAY and their two
small children Leib (2) and Chaya Feige (5 months) in December,
traveling direct >from Hamburg to New York.

Some 6 years ago I checked line by line of the St. Alban's
and Montreal manifests, finding no similar name that could
possibly be my GGF. Of course, a false name could have been given.

The family story is that he went to Canada to visit two
brothers there. I have never been able to find any information
on any similar name in Quebec or in Ontario.

My cousin related last week that he had spoken at length with my
great-grandmother Riva (Aaron's wife), who died in 1963, and
he reports that Riva indicated there were two brothers. Although
I have not followed this up recently, several years ago I did check
what online immigration records/indices. A cousin in Toronto
also attempted to check with no results.

It has occurred to me that if the brothers settled in Quebec
they may have adopted a more French-like spelling to the name.
In the US, TALALAY relatives have adopted TOLLIN, TALLIN,
TOLL, TAYLOR, TALL (as well as FEINSTEIN in Philadelphia!).
Others used TALABAJE (Leeds UK) or TALABAYE. The Toronto cousins
(Mogilev-Moscow-Berlin-London and then to Toronto) use TALALAY,
but arrived only after WWII, with no knowledge of this
other branch.

Is there perhaps something new on the scene for Quebec and
Ontario that might provide new insight into these possible brothers?
However, my conversation last week about Aaron's
"two brothers" are leading me to return to this possibility.
I remember vaguely that THALLALLE or similar shows up in
Quebec records (possibly census records?), but have no
idea if this could be TALALAY in a French form.

And as far as Riva's Canadian connection, we know that a
relative of Riva,perhaps with BANK surname (he was called Fetr
(Uncle) Beryl) but have no records that BANK was the surname
he used (supposedly he lived with a married daughter,
no names recorded). Uncle Beryl visited New York in 1923
to prepare a newly arrived cousin for his bar mitzvah and
then returned to Canada. Another cousin insists that their
mother (Riva's sister) visited Canada for the funeral of this
man who supposedly died in the 1950s well over the age of 100
(he was quite old in 1923, according to the bar mitzvah
boy whom I interviewed about 8 years ago).

I have tried in the past to see if records of people who
died at advanced ages are available in a special gerontological
category, had contacted the Jewish funeral homes to see if
any possibilities exist. There were a few BANK, some BANKS,
but none whose histories coincided with what I knew at the

Any new insights into these two situations would be very welcome.

Best wishes,

Schelly Talalay Dardashti
Tel Aviv

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