Re: WWI Alien Registration Cards #general

Mike Posnick

The State of Minnesota conducted an alien registration during World War I
from 1917 to 1919. Microfilmed copies of the completed multi-page forms,
which generally contain a lot of genealogically useful information, are
available at the Minnesota Historical Society and >from the society through
inter-library loan. For further information, see the Minnesota Historical
Society's website at <>.

Mike Posnick
Minneapolis, Minnesota

In his JewishGen message of 9/5/2004, Bert Lazerow <> wrote:

Alien registration did not begin in 1940. There was Alien
Registration in WWI. The officer in charge reported to Congress
just before the registration was re-authorized for WW2 that all
the cards >from WWI have been destroyed. I have no reason to
doubt this; I have never seen a WWI alien registration card. I
just note that other "destroyed" records have occasionally been
found in odd corners of archives here and there.

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