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joe <joe@...>

Hello Bert and Others,
Some WWI Alien Affidavits have survived for Arizona, Kansas and St.
Paul, MN. The Arizona records have digital copies online at NARA. These
were for German (and some Austrian) aliens ("citizens >from countries at
war with the United States during the First World War"). You can find
links to these at...

Online World War I Indexes & Records

Look about the 5th listing down. There may be others as well.

Good luck with your searches.

Joe Beine
Denver, CO

Bert Lazerow wrote:

Alien registration did not begin in 1940. There was Alien
Registration in WWI. The officer in charge reported to Congress
just before the registration was re-authorized for WW2 that all
the cards >from WWI have been destroyed. I have no reason to
doubt this; I have never seen a WWI alien registration card. I
just note that other "destroyed" records have occasionally been
found in odd corners of archives here and there.

Herbert Lazerow
San Diego CA 92110-2492

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