Short Yiddish Translation Help Needed #general

Vladimir Sinayuk <sinayukv@...>

Dear Yiddish Speakers,

My cousin in Israel discovered a handwritten Yiddish note of my
grandmother's >from the last year of her life, by which point she had
advanced Alzheimer Disease. Needless to say, we are anxious to know
what it says. Would anyone be able to volunteer to translate it for me?
The note is 8 lines long, and I could either fax a copy, or e-mail a 2.5
mb filejpeg scan of it. Please e-mail me your responses privately.


Vladimir Sinayuk | Bronx, NY | Email: sinayukv@... | Seeking:
BANET >from Pabianice | BERMAN >from Cincinnati | BETIS >from Balta |BRONFMAN >from
Sokiryany | BURDMAN >from Sokiryany | CHEJASNUWSKA >from Pabianice | CHERNYAK >from
Chernovtsy | DOSICK >from Zhitomir | GORBACH >from Chernovtsy | HOCHBAUM >from
Leszno | JOSEPH >from Karlsruhe | JOSEPH >from Untergrombach | LERNER >from
Chernovtsy | MEERAPFEL >from Karlsuhe |MEERAPFEL >from Untergrombach | ROISMAN from
Sokiryany | SCHWAGER >from Bucuresti | SHECHTER >from Falesti | SINAYUK >from
Zhitomir | VIDMAN >from Chernovtsy | WEINSTEIN >from Sokiryany | ZALTSMAN >from
Sokiryany |

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