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Tom Chatt

Steven Perkins wrote:

Russia required all male Russian immigrants in USA and Canada to register
at a Russian Consulate during WWI. Not sure if they did the same during
the Russo-Japanese War. These can be located through the American Society
of Germans >from Russia Historical Society. Under Russian law you were
elligible for Russian military service if a grandparent had been a Russian
Hmmm. Being that many emigrants >from Russia left for the purpose of evading
military service, I wonder how many of them would have registered with the
Russian consulate in the new world even if "required". It seems Russia would
have little practical power to enforce this requirement. Is there any
indication what percentage of immigrants complied with this?

I am familiar, by the way, with the American Historical Society of Germans
from Russia (, and they have done some excellent work.
Tom Chatt
Los Angeles, CA

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This was the same rule for eligibility to vote in some recent
Russian elections. Not sure if it is still the law.


Steven C. Perkins

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