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What I need help with is the names of cemeteries in the Bronx/Brooklyn/Queens
area that would have a computerized database of people who are buried there.
Some of the largest Jewish cemeteries in the NY area are not computerized,
most notably Washington Cemetery in Brooklyn and Baron Hirsch Cemetery on
Staten Island. As has been written many times in this discussion group,
the only sure-fire way to find out where someone is buried is to order
their death certificate. Please read the JGSNY Cemetery FAQ's at
http://www.jgsny.org/cemfaqs.htm, especially FAQ #6.

There are no Jewish cemeteries in the Bronx. A list of Jewish Cemeteries
in the New York Metropolitan area can be found at
< http://www.jgsny.org/cemfaqs.htm >.

MODERATOR NOTE: A good place to look is the JewishGen Online Worldwide Burial
Registry. For NY they have documented 199 cemeteries most in NYC. Please go to:
http://www2.jewishgen.org/databases/cemetery/ >>
While I agree with the Moderator that checking the JewishGen Online
Worldwide Burial Registry (JOWBR) is a good first step, the burial
societies that are listed for NYC are not cemeteries, but rather are
landsmanshaftn and synagogue plots within a much larger cemetery. They are
part of a larger entity, but are not the whole entity in itself. Most of
the larger NYC Jewish cemeteries contain hundreds of thousands of burials
and thus it is not humanly possible for any single individual or group of
individuals to catalog an entire cemetery. It is more realistic to catalog
the burial societies for one's ancestral shtetl, family circle, or
synagogue. For instance, in the JOWBR listing under Queens, NY, there are
30 burial societies listed for Mt. Hebron Cemetery and 35 for Mt. Zion
Cemetery. In actuality, these are just a small portion of the total amount
of societies in these two cemeteries, which at last count are 846 and 764
societies, respectively. Thus the NYC burial societies listed in the JOWBR
are still just a minute drop in the bucket for any given cemetery and
cannot be construed to represent the entire cemetery. In all, there are
over 10,000 burial society plots in the New York Metropolitan area,
including Long Island and northern and central New Jersey. You can search
for them by town name and keyword at < http://www.jgsny.org/searchcity.htm >.

Waldheim Jewish Cemeteries in the Chicago suburb of Forest Park, Illinois
is a large Jewish cemetery that contains over 200,000 graves and where of
each of the separate landsmanshaftn and synagogue plots are referred to as
a "cemetery". The Piser Weinstein Menorah Chapels' cemetery map refers to
these societies collectively as the "Jewish Waldheim Cemeteries". In NYC
though that is not the case; a burial society is not a cemetery by any
stretch of the imagination. In fact, the majority of NYC burial societies
have plots in more than one cemetery. Thus the bottom line is that care
must be taken in what is referred to as a NYC cemetery.

Here's hoping that during the 2006 IAJGS Conference to be held in NYC, that
conference attendees will catalog at least one NYC burial society of their
ancestral shtetl, family circle, or synagogue so that the JOWBR can grow.

Ada Green
New York, NY

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