When Can Immigrants Change Name? #general

Mara Fein <maraharv@...>

I have read many times that immigrants names were not changed at Ellis
Island. However, I would like to see more of a discussion about changing
names. I have a grandparent who, it is said changed his name after he left
Russia in 1901. But when could that have occurred?

As I understand it, you need to "register" to leave your town (and that
records exist documenting this), and I would assume to do that you had to
use your real name.

Once you got to the ship you were taking, did you have to show papers that
proved that the name you provided was your real name or could you give a
false name at this point?

Once you were in the country, could you just start using another name at the
turn of the 20th century?

Bottom line, for those of us who wish to find our ancestors in the Old
Country, how can we connect to the old name?

Mara Fein
Los Angeles

Researching surnames: GORDON (Kharkov), GOODER (Kharkov, Kiev), FRIEDMAN
(Lithuania), BRAUNHOLTZ (Lithuania), HECHT (Galicia), WEINSTEIN (Austria),

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