The names Moussia and Masha #general

Judith Romney Wegner

Ida Selavan Schwartz writes:

Chaya Mushka was the name of the wife of the third Rebbe, the Tsemah
Tsedek. Mushka seems to be a
diminutive of Moussia, which is a Russian name. Many of the
rebbetsins had Russian names used also in Yiddish
Dear Ida,

That is interesting. It suggests that we are dealing with two
different names here -- Moussia being a Russian name and Masha a
Polish name.

So now we have:

(1) the transliteration Musha (and its diminutive Mushka) --
representing the pronunciations Moosha and Mooshka)


(2) the transliteration Masha -- representing a different name
(often rendered in English as Marsha or Marcia).


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