Re: The names Moussia and Masha #general

Judith Romney Wegner

Judy Ford wrote:

Has any one thought that Masha can be the female for Moshe.HEBREW
(Mem Shin Hey = Moshe Mem Shin Hay with a _ under the Hay you've got

Oops! May I say that I sincerely hope *not*! I wouldn't wish
anyone to enter the forthcoming season of penitence bearing a
grammatical sin like that on his or her shoulders! Besides, it
wouldn't be vocalized with the "patah" vowel you represented here, it
would require a qamatz vowel!

More importantly: Speaking traditionally (and even historically),
there is absolutley no record of a feminine version of the name
Moshe(h); and speaking grammatically, it would have to be not
MAsha(h) but MOsha(h) because that is how Hebrew forms the feminine
of a word whose third root letter is heh.

To offer an obvious biblical analogy, Mosheh was a ro'eh (meaning
shepherd -- >from the root resh ayin heh) but his predecessor in that
occupation, the matriarch Rahel, was a ro'ah!

Judith Romney Wegner

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