Some titles of GenAmi number 29 #general

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Some titles of GenAmi number 29, September 2004

- The Levy families of Marmoutier (Lower Rhine, Alsace)
before 1808, by Dr Olivier Cahen
The author could get two wills with translations.
This helped him to put some order among the numerous LEVY families.

- A roundup not well-known : on August 20th, 1941,
a district of Paris under siege, by a witness, Odette Bagno.

- Jewish clowns, circus artists, by Micheline Gutmann
with the help of a clown and of artists' descendants
Descendants of Falk Susman (clowns PIPO )

- Origin of the name Basch. The problem has been discussed on Gersig
Micheline Gutmann gives her opinion.

- A splendid genealogical study of Dr Mars: "Le sang des Rothschild"
(The Rothschild blood), by Micheline Gutmann

- Among some acquisitions
Census Strasbourg 1836
Moses Mendelssohn biography
Civil marriages of Jews in Hirsingue
Petition by members of the Oran (Alg) Consistory.

- Many news >from Internet
Micheline GUTMANN
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