Re: who were Simon's parents/Pittsburgh?Worone, Russia #general

Sally M. Bruckheimer <sallybru@...>

Have you gotten Simon's death certificate-which probably has his parents'
names? Or better yet, a marriage record where he says what his parents'
names were? Of course the records of his brothers and/or sisters will also
have the information-I once held a 'vote' >from my gr grandfather's brothers
and sisters death certificates on what their parents' names were.

How about an obituary? A synagogue record? A nursing/old folks' home? A
history of the Jewish community where he lived? A history of the city where
he lived? The records of the town in Europe where he lived?

Have you talked to any cousins that you can find-anywhere? Have you checked
the passenger list to see if he says he left them behind? Have you checked
emigration records, if they exist for Europe?

Of course, his tombstone probably has his father's name, if there is a
Hebrew inscription.

And on and on.

Sally Bruckheimer
Chatham, NJ

"How can I determine his parents names? Would this information have been
requested by any government authorities when he came to this country in 1910?

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