Temple incorporation papers? #general

A. E. Jordan

If a group of people got together in 1892 and started a temple would they have
had to incorporate it? How would I search for it?

They got together in 1892 in Hoboken, New Jersey and started the congregation.
In 1902 they built a building for the congregation in Hoboken and >from various
reports I believe the temple burnt down in the 1950s. The name of the
congrgation was Moses Montifiore.

I would like to find newspaper articles about the temple but I have no dates in
which to look in the newspapers. There is no index in the local newspapers of
the era that I know of. I would assume when the building opened in 1902 there
were likely newspaper articles but how do I search them when I do not have a date?

I was hoping that I might be able to find incorporation papers for the temple
and may be that would help me get to some dates. But where would the papers have
been filed and kept?

Any thoughts would be welcomed.

Shana Tova to the entire JewishGen staff and partipants!

Allan Jordan

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