Surnames: SOLOMYACH and YABLONSKY #general

Matthew Schrier <schrier33021@...>

I am researching the surnames SOLOMYACH and YABLONSKY
from Courland. I am not sure what town in Courland.
I am supposed to be related to Abba Eban through the
surname Solomyach which was shortened to Solomon.
Also one of my Yablonsky ancestors was according to my
great grandmother the rabbi of the community where
these two families came from. Does anyone have any
information or know where I can find any information
pertaining to these families? Thank you.  
Matt Schrier
Schrier - Belarus? or Poland? Dinberg, Trupin, Meyerowitz, Mesnick - Daugavpils,
Pozhezhinsky, Rabinovitch Rosenberg - Brest, Belarus Match/Metch - Galicia?
Reifer - Galicia Rubin/Realben, Fink - Smolivichi and Minsk, Belarus
Auerbach, Gross - Miskolc and Szerencs, Hungary Cirtin - Warsawa
Solomyach, Yablonsky - Courland

Matt Schrier

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