Roots Ukraine - Rabbis #general


Shalom and Shana Tova
Dear searchers a month ago I got an idea to send mail to rabbies of the
towns I am searching thought that it will be something revolushionary I mean
that rabbies are also interested in contacting people who are searching
there roots answer only rabby of Saratov in Russia May be somebody has
any experience in such contacts or may be to somebody it will be more mazal
of my idea?
searching WAJSENBERG Poland Zelechw Warsaw Lodz BRANDWAJN Ostrog BEJZMAN
Novograd Volynskij
I got a photo of the gravestone of my grandunkleWAJSENBERG >from Mr. Yisroel
Szpilman and dont know how to move further
Wajsenberg Mark

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