Re: Genealogy and Politics - Not a Good Combo!! #general

Scheimer, Deborah <Deborah.Scheimer@...>

Dear Genners,

I, too, have been receiving spam >from JewishGen and members of this organization.
I would like to add a caution, however, before we leap to conclusions. Apparently
some spammers are able to access our email addresses and plug them in as they mail
out spam and viruses. Friends have told me that I sent them attachments with a
virus - emails that I never sent to them but that had my name on it!
Deborah Scheimer

I couldn't agree more with Carol Raspler's Email. This was an outrage committed
by a ( formerly) highly respected member of the Jewish Genealogical community who
owes all of us a public apology.
Don Hirschhorn

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