INS Manifest number - occupation column *help* #general

m most <mostranskym@...>


I have thoroughly read through the website section devoted to
explanations to the manifest annotations:

and this did help me better understand my great grandfather
mastranski's manifest number in the occupation column: 1-430516-8-21-43

However - could someone tell me if there is actually any way to find out
more information >from this annotation? Does this number connect to
more than the fact that in 1943 the district he applied to was "1" and
therefore applied in either Boston, MA or New Haven, CT? I was hoping
I might find a way to connect this information with the actual
certificate of his naturalization - assuming one was carried out.

Can anyone confirm this or point me in the right direction please.

Thank you for a wonderfully informed website.

Mike Mostransky

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