Fw: Jews in Wichita, KS #general

D. Allen Mandlebaum

Debbie Korman had asked about resources in Wichita, KS. Here is some
information that may aid her - as well as others - in her search in Wichita:
There is one Jewish Cemetary in Wichita. It is called Hebrew Congregation
or Hebrew Cemetery. It is on Oliver near 21st street. The main funeral
home for the Jewish population in Wichita is Downing & Lahey,
1-800-369-8784. The conservative congregation is Ahavat Achim, or Hebrew
Congregation, and the reform Temple is Temple Emanuel.
Debbie, if you need further information on the parties that you are seeking,
contact me privately and I will contact some of the old-timers in Wichita to
see if anyone can remember your relatives.
Dov Mandlebaum
Tulsa, OK

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