HFPJC Update-Part II-Cemtery Restoration Projects #general


Dear Genners,

Firstly, I'd like to commend those of you who have responded already to
my Part I posting and for your warm words of thanks and encouragement; I
will try to respond to all of them as soon as possible.
Well, following is a list of all those cemeteries for which there is
considerable interest among the families and descendants to have restored.
All of these have already been evaluated-the preliminary step-and are either
in various stages of preparations for the projects or are being seriously
considered and processed(i.e. actual work will be immediately initiated upon
signing of contracts between HFPJC and family members/descendants.) Once
again, if you recognize your ancestral hometown, or if anybody has any
information that might be beneficial to the projects, please contact our
office. Also, digital photos of these cemeteries are available upon request.

I know that many of you have some roots in
Satoraljaujhely(Eihel)Hungary, so this is bound to be of interest,
especially as I have received requests and inquiries regarding this cemetery
from many J-Gen members.:
Satoraljaujhely, Hungary
The Jewish cemetery(New) of Satoraljaujhely is a huge cemetery. Granted,
the first section of the cemetery is in decent condition, but the lion's
share of the grounds are so badly overgrown that it is often impossible to
reach the gravestones and countless stones are even completely obscured from
view. I am happy to inform you that we have recently commenced the major
task of clearing the grounds of all the bush and wild vegetation so that we
can get an idea of the amount of gravestones in that cemetery. According to
our rep who was there together with an experienced contractor, he
approximated the amount to be several thousand tombstones! Of course, only
once the cemetery is cleaned can we determine the scope of restoring all
the damaged and neglected gravestones. Furthermore, in light of the sloping
grounds of the cemetery, a plan for a drainage system for the rainfalls is
currently being studied by a special engineering team. I will keep you
posted as to the progress.

Dragmirestu, Romania
To be enclosed and restored internally. Project in latter phase of

Guklivij, Ukraine
Cemetery open to all and in terrible condition. Descendants being
contacted-any others who have pertinent info.

Hajdusoboszlo, Hungary
Large cemetery, to be properly enclosed.
Gathering of interested family members and descendants in process.

Hajdubeszormeny, Hungary
Grounds severely overgrown; vegetation to be cut and cleared in near
future, followed by individual photographing of tombstones and maintenance

Paleu, Hungary
Very bad condition. Gathering of interested family members and descendants
in process.

Pap, Hungary
The erection of a durable, concrete enclosure to be commenced in coming

Pir, Hungary
To be enclosed properly and restored internally. Project in preparatory

Rakhov, Ukraine
Retainer wall urgently required to support eroding earth. Gathering of
interested family members and descendants in process.

Strimtura, Romania
Erection of concrete enclosure to be commenced in near future, followed by
interior restoration.

Tisenic/Stropkov, Slovakia
Preparation for cutting wild vegetation in process. To be followed by
restoration of gravestones.

Urishor, Hungary
Interior to be completely restored. Project still in preparatory stages.

Valcau de Jos, Romania
Erosion posing substantial threat. Thorough research and correspondence with
Mayor yielded urgent(though very costly)need for a retainer wall. Project
still in preparatory stages.

Zhuravniki, Ukraine
Recently evaluated-complete results being studied and to be released
shortly. Cemetery in deplorable condition. (Project initiated by Yizkor
Book Project Coordinator Mr. Gary Gershfiel >from Forest Hills)

I will try to keep you updated with the developments of these cemetey

Best regards to you all and in this merit, we we all be blessed with a Happy
Jewish New Year!


Toby Mendlowitz
Assistant Director
148 Ross Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211
Tel. 800-945-1552
Fax 718-228-8368
E-mail: hfpjc@...

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