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Mark Halpern

Dear Mila:

The answer to the question -- where in Austria was this family's
ancestral home? -- can be found by searching the independent
JRI-Poland database.

The largest concentration of Jews living in the Austro-Hungarian
Empire during the 19th and early 20th Century was in the Austrian
province of Galicia. This former area is now southeastern Poland
and south western Ukraine. Many Jewish vital records >from this
area are housed in the Polish State Archives and have been
indexed by JRI-Poland.

Go to the JRI-Poland homepage at, click on
"Search Database," and enter your surname. Then qualify your
search by using Daitch-Mokotoff Soundex to capture spelling
variations and set Gubernia to "Galicia" to capture only results
from that former Austrian Province.
The results show 59 matches >from only four eastern Galician (now
Ukrainian) towns. However, 46 of the matches are >from one town --
Podhajce (now Podgaytsy).

Now you can concentrate your research with knowledge that it is
likely your ancestral shtetl was Podhajce.

Another tool useful for family research is the "Search this
Website" function of the JewishGen website that can be found at
the top and the bottom of the JewishGen homepage table of
contents. Search for SCHULWOLF and you will find three matches
indicating that this name shows up in three JRI-Poland Surname
lists. This result should lead the researcher to search the
JRI-Poland database.

JRI-Poland and JewishGen volunteer Jean Rosenbaum has been
instrumental in the Podhajce/Podgaytsy Yizkor Book translation
project (
Searching the Necrology shows a few SCHULWOLFs. The Podhajce
ShtetLink website is another source of information

Mark Halpern
AGAD Archive Coordinator

----- Original Message -----
What might be the origins or meaning (if any) of the surname Schulwolf?

The family branch with the name claims ancestry in Austria, or somewhere
in the former Austro-Hungarian empire, but exactly which part is unknown.

Thanks in advance. Mila Begun in New York.

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