Marta JACOBZYNER #general

Sy & Cyndie <sypearlman@...>

I am searching for Marta Jacobzyner, who was living in Tel Aviv about
10 years ago. She worked in a travel agency. If anyone has her e-mail,
address or phone number, please send to me personally. Thanks, Sy and

researching PEARLMAN (Bialystok, Rozany),ROSACHOTSKY and SKOVRONEK
(Lomza, Wysokie Mazowieckie),KUNOFSKY and LEVINE (Uzda and Nesvizh),
BERNBACHand HACKEL (Ulanow, Lejzaisk), MINTZER (Glebowice), CHAIT (Kiev),
\TREITELMAN (Akkerman, Odessa).

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