Gyorgy SCHWARCZ #general

Giselle Bodziony

Dear Genners,

I'm looking for Gyorgy (Georg, called Gyuri) Schwarcz, born in Zsujta,
Hungary. He could be 80-90 years old today. His father, Gyula Schwarcz, and
his brother, Istvan Schwarcz, were killed by the nazis. Gyorgy and his
mother survived the Holocaust and lived in Zsujta and Budapest after WW2. In
the beginning of the 1950ies (before 1956) they escaped >from the Communist
regime in Hungary to Vienna. I was told that afterwards they went on to New
York. Gyorgy Schwarcz married and had children.
My grandfather, Dr. Erno Schwarcz (who was killed in Budapest in December
1944), and Gyula Schwarcz (Gyorgy Schwarcz' father) were siblings. In
connection with Gyorgy Schwarcz I heard the names Satori and Szego.

I ask you to help me to find Gy├Ârgy Schwarcz and his family.

With best wishes,

Giselle Bodziony

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