Re: source of surname SCHRECKINGER #general

Roger Lustig <trovato@...>

-INGER doesn't mean "more"; it (generally) means "person >from a town
ending in '-ingen'. There are literally thousands of such places in the
German-speaking world. Alas, a Google search yields only one (probably
jocular) reference to some place named Bad Schreckingen--the "Schreck"
part does indeed mean fright--but there does seem to be a place near
Linz called Schrecking. A person >from a place ending in '-ing' (many of
those in Austria) might also be an '-INGER'.

All of which is to say that the name may well be a reference to some
long-vanished (or renamed) village or hamlet. Or it's a corruption of
SCHLESINGER, which means "person >from Silesia." A *very* common name in
some regions. Or something else entirely.

Glad to be of help. 8-)

Roger Lustig
researching Upper Silesia

Rochelle Kaplan wrote:

I seek possible derivations of surname SCHRECKINGER. Have tried German
dictionary, Yiddish sourcebooks, shtetl finder to no avail- also tried
name variants. I know Shrek means fright in German and suffix inger
means more, but this makes little sense to me. My grandfather, Osias
Schreckinger emigrated >from Sambor (now Ukraine) to US in early 1900s.
Would appreciate suggestions. Thanks.

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