Re: NY obit search question #general

joe <joe@...>

Hello Jackie,
You can search the New York Times online >from 1851-1995 at...

They charge a payment for any articles found that you want access to. I
don't know if all obituaries are included, but I have seen some come up
in searches. You might try searching for a surname with words like
obituary or obituaries or death notice(s). The New York Times is also
indexed in book form offline and some libraries have these book indexes
on hand. The NYT is also available on microfilm at some libraries. You
might also try...

Online New York Death Indexes & Records

Good luck with your search.

Joe Beine
Denver, CO

Sara Lynns wrote:

I am searching obituaries for NY 1965-1985
from my experience, the obits online are not

What would be a good source? NY times?
NY Jewish newspapers?

Jackie Lerner-Aderman

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