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Ze'ev Sharon <zeevsharon@...>

Shalom all Geners,

I am searching for Gabrial BERKOWICH and his family >from Lachovitch

Notice: Spelling of first names, surname and towns may vary. Any spelling
which retains the sound of the name should be acceptable.

For example: BERKOWITCH, BERKOVITZ, etc.

And: Lachowicze, Lyakhovichi, etc.

The ancestors: Yekhiel-Zvi BERKOWICH and Rachell.

Yekhiel was a timber merchant.

They lived in Lachowich in the Russian empire, perhaps the village
Lachowitch and not the town by the same name. Perhaps the Lachowitch on the
Dnieper River. Perhaps Lachowitch which is in today's Ukrain. It may be that
they later moved to Kiev.

They had 14 children of whom we know only about the following:

Simcha'le - died at the age 3

Abraham - the elder son. He was a timber merchant. Got special authorization
to live and work in Kiev. Immigrated to Eretz-Israel in 1925 with his wife
Dvonia-Dvorah - and their two children: Raya-Raiisa (born 1910) and
Arie-Luba (born1906) and perhaps with his mother Rachell who was a widow at
that time.

Jacob - born 1892 immigrated to Israel 1909.

Haiim - born 1888 immigrated to Israel 1912.

Rivka - immigrated to Israel perhaps 1909

Ziporah - immigrated to Israel.

And the one I am *mostly* interested in –

Gabriel – born 1896. Immigrated to Israel on 1909. Died in Haifa, December
1919, during military service in the Jewish Brigade.

All other names or their fate are unknown to us.

I would be more than glad if you could help me to find out any additional
information about the family.

Hopeful yours,
LeShanah Tovah

Ze'ev Sharon
Kiriat-Ata Israel

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