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Gershon bi-Kroke <gershon_gp@...>

Dear Joan,

according to my knowledge, there are no genealogical references in the
Museum Galicia. It is rather a photo gallery than a real museum. They
also have a bookshop with a vast amount of books on Jewish subjects both
in Polish and English, and a cafe with a small shop, offering Kosher
food items.

Best regards,

Some of you may already know about the newly opened "Galicia Jewish Museum"
in Krakov. (If not, see their home page and also their listing of events- at

I wrote to the Director and asked for their definition of Galicia. He
replied that all of Galicia is within their domain, although the current
photo exhibit covers only those parts of Galicia within current Polish

I am wondering if anyone has visited this museum and if so, what pertinent
genealogical information can be found there. I consider "pertinent" to
include lifestyles of our ancestors.

Thank you,
Joan Baronberg, Denver, CO
G. Gembala
Krakow, Poland

Researching Gleich, Pillersdorf, Kletzel,
Eskreis, Janczer, Leinwand, Reis (Galicia), Simson (U.S.)

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