Genealogy Etiquette *Thank You*! #general

roberta rosen

I'd like to thank the 60+ people who responded to
my question concerning an initial Family Finder
contact: I called a family "mine," when actually
it was my ex-husbands, my children's and
grandchildren's family.
What I've learned >from your answers:

1. I did nothing improper or uncommon, however it
would have been better to clearly state that I
was researching my children's ancestry in my
initial email to the "Family Finder" listee.

2.Good Advise: It is better not to reveal too
much personal information in an initial contact
with a fellow researcher; it's not necessary and
can come back to haunt you if you find you are
dealing with a "nut." Use the same precautionary
measures you would take in any email
"transaction," and remember you are dealing with
a total stranger, Jewish Genner or not!

3.Many other people reported having had
experiences with unpleasant, rude, or seemingly
"crazy" researchers. A number of people told of
finding a family connection, sending their family
information and getting no information in return
and not even a thank you. One genner reported a
threat of a lawsuit >from a father whose son had
sent family information. These kinds of things
clearly are the exception to the usual way such
contacts go.

4.Most contacts with other genners are friendly
exchanges whether or not a family connection is
made; this has been my experience also.

My sincere thanks to the wonderful group of
people who chose to offer comfort to an obviously
distressed fellow researcher, and I appreciate
the kindness, the warmth, and the stories so
freely shared with me!

Roberta Rosen Long Beach, CA
reply to: cypressteach@...
KREMENETSKY/KATZ of Worms(Vinogradnoye),Balta,
Terespol: Ukraine
Rochester, NY

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