Research Needed at Jerusalem National Library #general

Vivian Kahn

If anyone is planning to be doing research at the National Library in
Jerusalem I would appreciate a photocopy or transcription of an entry
in the Sighet Romania (formerly Sziget, Maramaros, Hungary) Chevra
Kadisha. According to Nachi Keren, each of the numbered entries
includes 10-20 lines about the deceased. I would like to find out what
information is included for #30 Yehuda Yacov KAHANA. Based on
information that I found in other Sziget burial records, I believe that
he was the father of my great-grandfather, Dov Berisch KAHANA.

Nachi told me that the information listed for each individual concerns
the negotiation regarding the payment for the plot and mentions
relatives that are negotiating. Sometimes there is a request for the
plot to be next to a relative or a Rebbe and the relation between the
two is mentioned. This information might help to confirm that Yehuda
Yacov was, in fact, my great-great-grandfather. I am also trying to
identify my great-grandfather's siblings. My research indicates that
Samuel Zangwill (b. 1855, d. Munkacs 1915), Tzvi Elimelech (d. Sziget
1903), and Aryeh Leib (d. Sziget 1934) may have been brothers of my
great-grandfather Dov Berisch.

If there's any research assistance I can provide in California in
return, please let me know.

Please contact me off-list if you can help.

Thanks in advance,

Vivian Kahn, Oakland, CA

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