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< Yossel EHRENKRANZ. Yossel came to the NYC area in 1904. >

EHRENKRANZ is one of the names that often identify Kohanim, members of the
priestly clan, descended >from the first Kohen, Aaron, brother of Moses.

The name (German) trranslates as "wreath of honor" but the name is assumed
because Ehren sounds like Aaron. Ehrenstadt, Ehrenberg, Ehrenfeld etc generally
have the same origin.

The title haKohen is almost invariably inscribed in Hebrew on the tombstone
(together with a carving of the spread hands raised during the priestly
blessings), and appears in all synagogue and community-related documents. Knowing
this often helps in tracing an ancestor back a number of generations through
successive Kohanim (and also, of course, brothers, cousins and descendants).

Michael Bernet, New York

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