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Scheimer, Deborah <Deborah.Scheimer@...>

My husband's grandfather's name was Henry Jacobson. His Yiddish name was
(I'm taking liberty with the spelling) Chanoch, with the gutteral 'ch'
at the beginning and the end.

Scheimer Deborah

As I've been doing research over the years, I've come to recognize that
some given names that appear to be different may actually be the same,
in that either they're nicknames or Yiddish/Hebrew versions of the same
name. Now I'm puzzled about my own name, and I'm hoping that someone can
help me figure it out.

My given names are Henry Charles, I was named after my two grandfathers.

When I first went to Hebrew School (nearly 50 years ago), my teacher
asked us to ask our parents what our "Jewish" names were. I have a
memory that is pretty strong (but may be inaccurate just the same) that
my Mom said that my name was something like "Hinay Anoch Haskel."

I've since learned that Charles is a fairly common English equivalent
for Haskel, and I've also learned that my Grandfather Charles' "real"
name was, indeed, Haskel. (BTW, is "Haskel" Hebrew or Yiddish? Does it
mean anything, or is it just a name?) So I'm fairly satisfied about my
middle name, it's my first name that continues to puzzle me.

After my Mom told me that my first name was either Hinay or Anoch (or
both), my Hebrew School teacher said that my Hebrew name would be
Hanoch. I've never known what my Grandfather Henry's "Jewish" name was,
but at a recent family reunion one of my older cousins told me that she
remembered my grandfather, whom she called "Uncle Enoch"!

In my research, I've yet to discover any family members
named Enoch or Hanoch, but I have stumbled across a few men named
Heniah, which sounds awfully close to what I remember my Mom telling me
all those years ago.

So, here are all of the names that I figure might be my
first name:

* Hinay
* Heniah
* Anoch
* Enoch
* Hanoch

Are these all variations of the same name? Are some Hebrew
and some Yiddish? And as with Haskel: Does the name mean anything, or is
it just a name?

Sorry to be so long-winded, and thanks for your help!

Hank Mishkoff <<

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