Vsyia Rosia for Brest Town - 1903 #general

Jim Brook <jim_brook1935@...>

Vsyia Rosia for Brest Town - 1903

Posted on JewishGen at
is a translation of the Vsyia Rosia done by Amy
Levinson in 1999.

I would like to obtain some additional information
about this Vsyia Rosia:

It makes reference to being for the “Brest town”.
• Does this mean just the Shtetl of Brest or does it
cover a larger area?

Are the below listed words that appear under the
“Address” column the names of streets?
• What would “dv” be an abbreviation for?
• What is “Tov” an abbreviation for?
• What is “riad” an abbreviation for?
Gostinitza dv.20
d. Itelda
Bakaleino-Koloniali Tov.
Gostinitza riad.10

In the “Notes” column there are listed some of the
below words. What do they mean?
• Muka
• Chai
• Knigi
• Manuf. Tovar

Jim Brook
New York, NY

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