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Vsyia Rosia for Brest Town - 1903

Posted on JewishGen at
is a translation of the Vsyia Rosia done by Amy
Levinson in 1999.

I would like to obtain some additional information
about this Vsyia Rosia:

It makes reference to being for the Brest town.
Does this mean just the Shtetl of Brest or does it
cover a larger area?
It means the town (shtetl) itself as opposed to the district (uezd) of
which it was the main town.

Are the below listed words that appear under the
Address column the names of streets?
It seems to be a mix of actual addresses and descriptions of the
business located there.

What would dv be an abbreviation for?
Probably the house number. The only Belorussian dictionary I can find
online is down temporarily or permanently, but the Russian word for door
is "dver'".
Try "dvor" > courtyard.

What is Tov an abbreviation for?
In Russian, "tovary" means goods.
What is riad an abbreviation for?
In Russian, "riad" means row or line.
"Ryad" is a not unusual element in street names. In Moscow there is an
"Okhotniy Ryad" > Hunters' Row, where there was once a market in which
hunters sold their catch. The Bolshoi Theater is there now; go figure.


In the Notes column there are listed some of the
below words. What do they mean?
This column seems to be the original >from which the "Occupation" column
was translated.
Manuf. Tovar
Manufactured goods
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