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On Mon, 1 Nov 2004 12:39:13 -0800 (PST), Roberta Rosen
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Many people born in the early part of this
century were born at home and a birth record was
never filed. This was my mother's situation; her
early school records were accepted as proof of
age when she applied for Social Security

I have located a family member born in Minnesota
in 1901(1910 census), however there seems to be
no birth record. I have also found him in the
SSDI, so he must have submitted some sort of
alternative proof of age documentation.

Does anyone know if Social Security will release,
under the "Freedom of Information Act," documents
such as those submitted for proof of age, along
with the usual copy of the original Social
Security application? Has anyone ever received a
copy of such documentation of age?
Dear Roberta,

The answer is that the copies of the proof were generally retained for
a short while (1-3 years) and then destroyed. The Social Security
Administration did not retain other documents except in rare cases
where circumstances required the file to be retained permenantly.

For a FAQ online on the SSA and how to use it for genealogy please
visit my web site at

Good luck with you research!

Yigal Rechtman

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