Jetta/Henrietta [nee GOLDSCHMIDT] LAMM of ?/Boskowitz/Vienna/Antwerp #austria-czech

Celia Male <celiamale@...>

Claude Steklmacher wrote: "Since a few years, I am working on the family tree
on my mother's side, the LAMM who were practically all living in Boskovice
(Moravia). However, I am held up by following details :

1. My grandfather Maurice (Moritz) LAMM b. Boskovice 6 April 1866, d.
Antwerp (Belgium) 24 March 1955 was married with Jetta (Henrietta) whose
maiden name was GOLDSCHMIDT, date of birth 30 May 1863, date of death 10
December 1926 in Antwerp (Belgium).

I know near to nothing concerning my grandmother. Were was she born? Who
were her parents ? Was she orphan or who raised her? This is a great
mystery. My mother was not clear about her and nobody who could eventually
enlighten me is still living. All I know is that the couple was first living
in Boskovice, then in Vienna (probably during WWI) and finally in Antwerp."

Claude, I think your grandmother may have been horn in Temesvar-Timisoara [now
Romania] and this is why: I have just read through the Boskowitz chapter
[p.123- 136] in Hugo Gold's compendium on Moravia. This chapter is in German
and anyone can pick out the names easily and there are many references.
Unfortunately, most of the details are concerned with the rabbinical families
of Boskowitz.

On p. 133, I read the following: In 1855, the newly constructed Hauptschule
{High School} was occupied. The first Director was Isak GOLDSCHMID [sic] who in
1857 moved to the newly-founded High School in Temesvar.... One of the religion
teachers at the school is Boskowitz was Bernard STEKELMACHER [sic] [1801-1883].

Well to me this sounds too good to be true. Either this GOLDSCHMID[T] family
returned to Boskowitz after Isak's term of service or Isak and his wife died in
Temesvar and the young young Jetti, who was born in 1863 when her father was
Director of the school in this town, returned to her roots and was perhaps even
looked after by Bernard STEKELMACHER [is he Claude's paternal

There is no doubt in my mind that the STEKELMACHER and GOLDSCHMID families of
Boskowitz knew each other in the 1850s, if not well before.

This may be wishful thinking or pure coincidence - *but* I would definitely
look in Timisoara.

Celia Male [U.K.]

Footnote: please read Claude's messages in the archives, especially the
genealogical details in his postings of 13 Jan. and 18 Oct 2002 - "My grand
father Abraham Jacob STEKLMACHER was born in Boskovice on 30.08.1850 were he
also died around 1930/1931"

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